There is a wonderful story behind this commission. The Mulgrave Green granite top is from the client and was cut by his grandfather

from his own quarry in Western Australia. This piece of granite was previously the top of a table with wrought iron legs which

sat on the back verandah of his grandfather’s house for many years. The table was passed onto the client from his mother

as a link to his grandfather. The legs were rusted but the granite was reclaimed and shipped from Perth to Sydney.


Once the granite got to Sydney it sat for another year or two before it got polished and then the decision had to be made of what

to do with it. Another few years passed as the client decided what materials and style he liked until he finally chose a

designer-maker to complete the final step. This whole process has taken 5 years.It has been very rewarding

to be involved in giving this piece of granite new life and extending it’s family connection.

The coffee table is named after the client’s grandfather.


Sustainable solid Blackbean & solid Spotted Gum.