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I am David Cummins, an architect and furniture designer-maker. Having studied and practised Architecture for over 20 years in Ireland, England and Australia, I retrained

as a furniture designer-maker in 2011 at Sturt School for Wood.

I design and handcraft sustainable contemporary furniture in solid timber. My practise is based

on combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design to produce

heirloom furniture which will last generations.

Sustainability is central to my practise from using sustainable and environmentally friendly

materials, to running my workshop from solar power and actively reducing the

amount of waste from my workshop that goes to landfill.

My workshop is in Eatons Hill, Brisbane, Australia.

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2014 - Balvenie Craft Museum, Sydney


2014 - Workshopped 14, Sydney

2014 - Modern Icons Gallery

Australian International Furniture Exhibition


2013 - Sydney Indesign, Sydney


2013 - Workshopped 13, Sydney


2012 - Timber & Working with Wood, Sydney

2012 - Emerging Contemporaries
Craft ACT, Canberra

2012 - The Edge Design Awards
Australian International Furniture Fair, Sydney


2011 - Sturt School for Wood Graduating Exhibition, Sturt Gallery, Mittagong

2014 - Selected as the sole furniture

designer-maker to exhibit at the

Balvenie Craft Museum

2014 - Pat Spratt armchair shortlisted

for Workshopped 14

2014 - Pat Spratt armchair selected to be exhibited at the Modern Icons Gallery

Australian International Furniture Exhibition

2013 - Hull pendant light shortlisted

for Workshopped 13

2013 - Pat Spratt armchair commissioned by

the American Hardwood Export Council

2012 - ArtStart grant

Australian Council for the Arts.

2011 - Emerging Artist Award, Craft ACT

2011 - Mode stools and table shortlisted

for The Edge Design Awards 2012

2011 - Bursary for Sturt School for Wood 2011

Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society

Bowral and District


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Why commission a piece of bespoke handmade furniture?

Put simply you get exactly what you want. Not only do you acquire a beautiful piece of handmade furniture, you get to decide on the design, the materials and the size. A bespoke piece of

furniture can be designed and made to suit a building, a space, a style or a colour

scheme. You are completely in control of the final outcome and you don’t

have to settle for a piece of furniture which isn’t quite right. And if

that isn’t enough you are also supporting Australian

design, craftsmanship & a small business!

But isn’t it very expensive?

Not as expensive as you would think considering the time and skill that is involved in creating

each piece. While it does cost a bit more than what you would pay in a furniture store,

with bespoke furniture every detail has been considered and resolved. The time is

taken to ensure every aspect is correct and no shortcuts are taken. Also I only

use premium sustainable materials and environmentally friendly finishes.

How sustainable are you really?

Sustainability is central to my practise and goes much further then just using sustainable timber

and environmentally friendly products. When I set up my own workshop in Brisbane I

installed an 8.8kW solar power system to supply the power. I recycle and reuse my

timber offcuts and timber shavings/dust so that they don’t go to landfill. I

also use reusable instead of plastic bags for my dust collection.


I make heirloom furniture to last generations and thus not to end up in landfill. This has inherent sustainability as when a tree is cut down the carbon is trapped in the timber. The longer the

life of the furniture the longer the carbon is stored. Cheap disposable furniture

creates much more carbon and increases landfill.

How do I commission a piece of bespoke handmade furniture?

There are 2 options. The first is to simply select an existing design from my portfolio. Each

existing design can be customised to suit your requirements, whether that

is changing the timber, the proportions or size.

The second option is to commission an original design.

How much information do I need to provide?


As little or much as you want.  If you are unsure of what you want I will guide you through the whole process and I will advise on every aspect of the design and making. Or else you

can provide me with a fully formed design concept.

How do I start the process of commissioning an original design?

Just contact me by email, phone or we can meet in person. We discuss your requirements and

a brief for the design is produced. Based on the brief, I will then provide an estimate of costs.

Upon acceptance of the estimate I then begin the design process.


What does the design process involve?


My design process involves sketches, CAD drawings and 3D models. This ensures you fully understand the design before I begin making the piece. The design process continues

until you are completely happy with the design. Once the design is complete and

the materials and joinery details are fully resolved I provide a final quote.


How long does it take?


Handmade bespoke furniture does take a little bit of time as every aspect of the piece is considered and the time is taken to get every detail right. Typically a piece takes 4-6 weeks but it can

take longer depending on the size and complexity of the piece.


While making your custom piece, I provide weekly updates with photos of the making process.

This is to ensure you remain fully involved in the process and have the joy

of watching your piece come to life!

What timber do you use?

I use sustainably sourced Australian and International hardwood species. I also use

reclaimed and recycled timber. I am able to advise on the wide range of

hardwood species available on the market.


What finishes do you use?


Typically I use hand rubbed oil finishes. I use Livos and Osmo, both of which

are natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


Why should I pick you?

Good question! If you have read this far I would like to think that you already appreciate my design style in some way. I have been designing since 1990 and throughout my professional career,

whether as an architect or furniture designer-maker, I ensure my clients receive the

perfect design outcome to suit their needs by providing a full bespoke design

and making service from initial concept through to final production.


What are the payment terms?


Typically I require a 50% deposit to commence the job and

the remaining 50% is payable upon completion.


What about delivery?


 I can organise delivery as part of my service if required. Within Brisbane I use professional removalist and for anything further afield I use reputable freight and shipping services.


Where do you ship to?


My workshop is in Brisbane but I can organise delivery all over Australia. Within Australia I have regularly shipped to Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania.  I also ship worldwide including

as far afield as Canada. If shipping is required I will organise all of the details

along with the packing of each piece.


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